Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) is the world leader in level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement technology, providing cutting-edge equipment and complete solutions to the global industrial market. Established in 1988, For over 30 years, HAWK has successfully solved difficult liquids and solids applications in a wide range of industries including mining/mineral processing, water supply/waste water, oil & gas, bulk material handling, chemical, power, cement, pulp & paper and food. HAWK is committed to providing best-in-class products, services and technologies that will have unsurpassed value for their customers. .

FineTek Co., Ltd. established in 1978. FineTek business model is based on providing complete customized solutions for a wide range of industrial automation process applications in liquid level, flow, pressure and temperature. Products are In Level instruments: Single point level switch/ Continuous measurement Level sensor In Flow instruments: Flow switches/ Flow meters

SmartMeasurement is a leading manufacturer of flow meters, with over 25 years' experience in design and application of various flow technologies. SmartMeasurement provides an unbiased user-friendly procuring mechanism for you to analyze, select, and match the “best-fit” flow meter from our wide array of flow technologies in order to meet your specific application requirements. The range of flow measurement technologies offered by SmartMeasurement includes devices that ultrasonic, electromagnetic, Coriolis, variable area, differential pressure, vortex, axial turbine, and positive displacement measuring techniques