Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing- Conveyor Idler Monitoring System

The Praetorian Conveyor Health Monitoring System (CHMS) is a plant & site-wide single solution for detecting when critical parts of idlers are beginning to fail. The early detection warnings allow operators to control downtime and avoid catastrophic costly unplanned shutdowns. HAWK’s Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing detects abnormalities in conveyor idler performance that other technologies cannot.

The Praetorian Conveyor Health Monitoring System CHMS consists of an interrogator and processor unit mounted an indoor climate-controlled environment which are then connected to a fiber optic cable that is run out to the application (potentially kilometers away). The Interrogator uses the fiber optic cable as a sensing element capable of detecting vibration, temperature, and strain along the total fiber length in a fully distributed manner.

Applications of Conveyor Idler Monitoring System

Installation locations:

  • Hard rock mines
  • Quarries
  • Buildings
  • Unmanned material handling facilities
  • Processing plant conveyors
  • Coal mines, hazardous area suitable (no infield electronics)

Possible applications:

  • Overland conveyors
  • Building fire detection
  • Conveyor fire detection
  • Buildings
  • Remote or rural conveyors

Benefits of Conveyor Idler Monitoring System

Using the Praetorian Conveyor Health Monitoring System (CHMS) as a preventative maintenance and asset protection tool provides an organization with the following benefits to its built materials handling operations:

  • Removes inspection personnel from the line walking
  • Increases asset availability percentage
  • Extension of roller effective lifespan
  • Automates drive pulley monitoring
  • Significantly reduces conveyor downtime
  • Reduces change out frequency and duration
  • Low cost per idler to monitor
  • 24/7 automatic monitoring
  • IOT enabled and ready
  • Big data - made simple, analytics at your fingertips
  • Whole organization ready, operator to C-Level user levels
  • Compatible with other sensors for material and blockage detection
  • Compatible with new or existing plan control systems
  • Roller failure alerts via email or SMS
  • Automatic roller fault reporting
  • EMF immune, lightning resistant
  • Quick ROI turnaround (hours-days)
  • Fire detection system option available
  • Suitable for hazardous environments (no power in field)
  • Works on all fixed idler conveyor types
  • Multiple conveyors from 1 system
  • Mechanically and environmentally resistant
  • Mechanically protected mounting method
  • Zero maintenance once installed
  • Reduces personnel exposure to dust, noise, vehicle usage, environmental heat risk and HSE risk sources

Technical Specifications of Conveyor Idler Monitoring System

Category Parameter Description
Sensing element Fiber Optic Sensing cable
Number of channels 1 or 2
Dimensions (rack enclosure) 4RU, 19” Rack, 600mm minimum depth
Dimensions (physical) 430 x 177 x 479mm (16.93 x 5.9 x 18.85 inches)
Power supply 110-240VAC (50-60Hz), 24VDC
DAS Performance
Sensing range - conveyors Up to 10kms (6.2 miles) per channel
Temperature sensing range (cable) -30°C to 200°C (-22°F to 392°F) (special options for temps up to800°C (1472°F) and down to -200°c (-328°F) available)
Output Modbus ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet PIDS (standard), ROS, relay,USB, SCADA or user specified